Stallion Pharmaceuticals | Manufacturing Facility
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Manufacturing Facility

Stallion’s BETA-LACTUM plant is the only dedicated manufacturing plant for penicillin derivatives exclusively. The total covered area of our plant is around 40,000 square feet, which is located in Lahore, the industrial hub of Pakistan. Our manufacturing department is designed as per latest cGMP guidelines. Moreover, Stallion is ISO 9001-2008 certified and is constructed for facilitating better environmental control, material movement and personnel flow in order to avoid cross contamination.
In our manufacturing unit, the equipment, utilities and machinery meet international standards. The plant is fully automatic with production capacity equipped with a unique HVAC system from Sweden. The usage of advanced machinery assists in ensuring the required humidity level in our products. Moreover, our production department also utilizes latest Air Handling equipment with Hepa filters which ensures the quality of particle free air in the manufacturing and packaging areas. We are producing Beta-Lactam antibiotics in three forms i.e. Dry powder suspension, capsule and injectable.
During manufacturing, our preeminent considerations are

At Stallion, our quality department personnel work together to make continual improvements. Furthermore, our dedicated manufacturing plant for Penicillin derivatives exclusively makes us different among the pharma industry of Pakistan. Stallion encourages a spirit of craftsmanship while remaining mindful of the environment in its manufacturing process.


Stallion dry powder injection facility is equipped with fully automatic and latest machinery for filling of sterile powders. The machinery is unidirectional, which automatically washes, sterilizes, fills and seal vials. Our exclusive dry powder plant is capable of filling 10ml vials to 250ml vials. The entire procedure is executed as per cGMP standards.
Stallion dry powder injection plant has an immense production capacity of 50000 vials per day and the company intends to increase it further. Our manufacturing facility is approved by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan and enlisted it in A category among the pharmaceutical companies of Pakistan. Stallion dry powder injection facility ensures the quality of drugs at affordable prices throughout the country and the world.


Stallion Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. Comprises a separate section for manufacturing of dry powder suspension having the latest and fully automatic Air Jet Bottle cleaning machine with vacuum comprising of features such as automatic powder filling, automatic bottle capping and labeling of products. The Dry Powder Suspension facility at Stallion has a production capacity of 4000 bottles per 8 hours. The machinery at Dry Powder Suspension section are according to the latest standards of cGMP while the HVAC system fulfills the cGMP standards for humidity and air.


Encapsulation facility is also implemented as per cGMP guidelines at Stallion Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. The encapsulation facility is designed by ensuring environmental controls as required by latest cGMP demands. In addition, special care has been taken to ensure smooth flow of both men and raw material. The section has dedicated Air Handling unit to provide particle free air for quality products manufacturing. The section also maintains the humidity by the exclusive HVAC system as per requirement of the products.
Encapsulation facility at Stallion has a production capacity of 576000 capsules per 8 hours. The section is equipped with fully automatic and latest encapsulation machines, allowing hand-free as instructed by cGMP standards.
In addition, the section has latest metal detectors, weight variation checking machines and capsule polishers that meet the requirements of cGMP standards.