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About Stallion

About Our Company

The company initially started marketing different products back in 2002. In 2010, we decided to have a dedicated penicillin plant. By the grace of God, now we are a part of pharmaceutical industry. The company is spearheaded by a group of pharmaceutical professionals who have rich marketing experience in various multinational, great ambitions, high spirits and committed to bring in only those that surpasses our strict internal quality assessments to maintain high standards of our products.
Stallion will be a trend setter in antibiotics by growing rapidly in Pakistan pharmaceutical industry. Stallion plans to establish an enviable reputation by latest manufacturing technologies, launching world class quality products and by founding new standards of customer services. Stallion has engaged a distinct niche for itself as a pioneer company producing only penicillin derivative and beta-lactam in their CGMP standard plant. We have experienced and committed sales force and distribution chain throughout the country.
Stallion is seeking marketing and distribution partner to establish its business worldwide. Stallion will be recognized as a symbol of manufacturing quality and high standard products available on cost effective prices. Stallion being a well-informed company will facilitate the medical field by keeping them updated about latest molecules and technologies while company will meet its objectives in the same way.
Caring for the health……inspires me to establish Stallion Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. as a responsible and professional component of pharmaceutical industry with quality and lifesaving antibiotics. Our paramount purpose is to provide safe, economical and effective medicines to patients living with illness.
Since 2002, we are in the pharmaceutical industry by the name of Shaf Pharma. The triumph of Shaf Pharma empower us to transform our knowledge and experience into excellence. We are solicitous about revolutionize patient’s lives. Our efforts towards more reliable antibiotics can have a profound impact on people’s lives for years to come.
Keeping in view the essentiality of quality in healthcare industry, FDA and DRA demands a separate manufacturing unit for penicillin derivative antibiotics. Stallion Pharmaceuticals (Pvt.) Ltd. comply with all the specifications and take advantage of latest technologies to meet the growing demands of our fast changing world. Stallion is the only pharmaceutical company engaged in producing β-Lactam antibiotics exclusively.
To ensure that we can continue to deliver on our commitments to the patients, we are focused on the way do business. Quality is woven into the fabric of everything we do. Stallion is aiming to be an international pharmaceutical company which can give strong impetus to the industry.
Our Vision
Stallion is a company that never stops trying better. For us, good has never been good enough. We will be always at the forefront of the industry in enlightenment, innovation, technology and new products and services. Stallion will surely move beyond the traditional anti-biotic benefits by introducing latest products. You can count on us to continue for positive change because we never stop trying better.
Our Mission
Stallion put generics into brand to work by creating sustainable solutions which are essential to a better, safer and healthier life for patients and doctors. Stallions aims to appear as a dominant anti-biotic company by all measures. Soon, Stallion will become Pakistan’s most valued company in producing and delivering reliable, economical and broad spectrum antibiotics.