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Stallion Pharmaceuticals: A Leader in Dedicated Antibiotic Manufacturing


Stallion Pharmaceutical establishing the first-of-its-kind Dedicated Penicillin & Carbapenem manufacturing facilities in Pakistan and addresses the key issue of the contamination and cross-contamination of pharmaceuticals, especially antibiotics, have become significant concerns in the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities like WHO, USFDA, and EME have issued guidelines emphasizing the need for dedicated antibiotic manufacturing plants as well.


Dedicated Manufacturing Plants:

Stallion operates separate plants for Penicillins and Carbapenems, reducing the risk of contamination by producing only one class of antibiotics in each facility.


Toll Manufacturing

We process raw materials or semi-finished goods based on your specifications at our facility.


Regulatory Services

We offer guidance and assistance to ensure your business complies with government regulations and standards.


Contract Manifacturing

We provide outsourced production services tailored to your requirements, including quality, pricing, and delivery.


Sales and Marketing

Stallion’s professional team promotes its products nationwide through innovative marketing strategies, including product presentation, relationship marketing, medical education, and clinical trials.


Distribution and Supply Chain

With a nationwide distribution network, Stallion ensures product availability and follows standard supply chain principles, including refrigerated transportation for medicines.

Our Regional Presence


Stallion Pharmaceuticals is setting a benchmark in dedicated antibiotic manufacturing in Pakistan by adhering to international quality standards, innovative practices, and a commitment to patient safety. With state-of-the-art facilities, rigorous quality control measures, and a dedicated team, Stallion is contributing significantly to ensuring the availability of safe and effective antibiotics in the market.

Our Toll Manufacturing Partners



Stallion maintains product purity with a Microbiological Lab, international-standard testing, and GS1 compliant traceability for a robust supply chain.


Toll Manufacturing

We process raw materials or semi-finished goods based on your specifications at our facility.



Stallion ensures product purity through rigorous quality control and traceability solutions for a secure supply chain.